Monday, December 17, 2007

Rich Rodriguez: Bye.

Rich Rodriguez has officially gone from being West Virginia's most beloved son to West Virginia's most despised son.

Last year he said he would retire at WVU if he could have it his way. Guess what he's saying now about University of Michigan...

He has not finished the job at WVU. We haven't won a national championship. Actually, we haven't even gone to one with Rodriguez yet (Nehlen took us there in 1989). To me it appears that he's leaving just when things are getting good, for both the team and the conference.

What kind of person just quits their job without even bothering to tell their boss? It's not like he's exactly flipping burgers here. He didn't even give WVU a chance to match Michigan's offer! WVU has made extraordinary efforts to make Rodriguez happy all year long, and this is how he repays us.

If Rich Rodriguez was an honorable man, he would've done all he can to preserve the program. Instead, he's done nothing but burn bridges.

To top it all off, he's taken the nation's number one recruit with him!!

Rich Rodriguez was a good coach, but he wasn't the best we've ever had, or ever will have. WVU has a long tradition of good coaching. Remember Doc Holliday? He's been working with Urban Meyer in Florida for the past couple years, and before that N.C. State. Of course, Terry Bowden needs no introduction, and would certainly be welcome back to his alma mater, as would Jimbo Fisher, another native son. The list goes on, and is actually a pretty exciting list.

I hope Richie Rich learns some class while he's up in Ann Arbor. I don't wish ill on him, but I'm definitely bitter. He's shown a lot of immaturity over the past few days. It's disgraceful, in my opinion. Some people never learn how to handle these kinds of situations gracefully because they're just not capable. Some do, but it takes years. Rich Rodriguez is 44 years old. I expected more from him, but now that I've seen his true colors, I'm looking forward to a new head coach.

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