Friday, August 29, 2008

Want a job?

I have just discovered online freelancing websites!

Apparently, if you are ambitious and can manage your own time, you could earn a lot of money by taking jobs from online freelancing websites like Elance, Guru, and GetAFreelancer. I think you basically pay a monthly membership fee, then submit bids for work requests you find on the website. If your bid is chosen, then you go to work! Awesome!

This whole post totally sounds like a "want to be your own boss?" ad, but this is obviously the real deal.

Want to write for a living? How about programming? Graphics design? Accounting? Transcription? Whatever! What the hell, do it all! Just go and look. What a great thing to know about.

If I'm stuck in a rut and can't find a job, I could hopefully find work there. It could also be a great way of making secondary income, although I personally am already busy enough and would like more free time, but maybe someday I will need money more than freetime.

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skmckinn said...

It is hard for me to ever think I want money more than freetime. I think it's a...spiritual state. I find myself preserving chunks of time like one might keep a savings account. (Wednesday from 10-3. Mine. Sewing on my mom's sewing machine. Etcetera.)