Monday, December 15, 2008

My new favorite artist: Erwin Wurm

I've just discovered Erwin Wurm. It was from this old link I found while searching for a different artist.

Erwin is interested in how people see themselves. His exhibitions seem to be composed mostly of photographs of his sculptures, which are striking, simple compositions which often involve actual people frozen in medias res.

His work embraces sarcasm and absurdity while presenting the dark side of human nature.

Here is an interview with the artist, apparently conducted while he was setting up an exhibition.


skmckinn said...

That photo of the "sculpture," in the series about ways to be politically incorrect--the one with the man with his head down the lady's shirt--is hilarious. I say "sculpture" with the quotation marks, though, cuz what makes those 1-minute happenings "sculptures," and not "installation art"? It all depends on what the artist calls it?

I am honestly asking, not criticizing; while I know and think much about aesthetics and design, I get lost when it comes to these sorts of conceptual taxonomies in "art" (anything beyond Abrams, really, with theory and visual art is beyond me)...

ANYway--that man with his head down the lady's shirt reminds me of Damian.

Digitizdat said...

I agree on the quotes around sculpture. Your points are entirely valid, I think. I really don't know what the differentiation is, besides whatever the artist chooses to call it.

I'm glad you saw that one... that is in fact the very picture that drew me into his work! I saw that and thought - Yes!

Digitizdat said...

I mean what the "difference" is, not "differentiation"...

Good grief, it seems that pummeling my brain with math is beginning to take its toll.