Monday, August 03, 2009

NPIV - N_Port ID Virtualization

NPIV is a technology standard for fiber channel that allows you to assign multiple initiators (OS instances) to a single HBA port. Each initiator can have its own unique WWPN.

The idea seems to be that NPIV allows you to access the HBA directly from the OS, instead of through a virtualized device provided by a hypervisor. I think it essentially offloads the port arbitration to the HBA itself. Another advantage is that the SAN can now see your OS directly (your OS's WWPN), so, again, you don't have to fumble around w/a virtual device, trying to figure out what is going where.


Jonesy said...

Yo Martin, we've just started using NPIV here at McLane. We're setting it up on our zlinux environment (SuSE under z/VM). Gives each guest it's own WWPN and simplifies SAN configuration.

Digitizdat said...

Dustin! Great to hear from you! Especially because... Look:

YES! You can get both Cat Party AND Dog Party!!! But you need to have Bluetube.