Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brain dump

"Well Rebecca, get your basket, let's go down to the wood,
You might not pick any berries but you'll come back feeling good." (Fiery Furnaces)

The Fiery Furnaces are going to be here on Saturday. 'Nuff said.

My boss has an agenda incongruent w/my own. Sixty hours gets me fifteen minutes of face-to-face on the phone, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really listen to me then, except to determine how to stay a step ahead.

The secret to Szechuan dry-fried beef is to fry it twice. The first time draws out excess moisture. The second fry gives you chewy, delicious strips of beef. Add a Thai twist by dry frying with nam prik pao!

I'm taking one class this semester: Probability. The classes are from 11-12, two days a week. There's an unsophisticated pun it there somewhere.

Cold beer.

I have a couple of really great ideas per year. It's fairly exciting when it happens. Someone with initiative could get rich on these ideas, and maybe change the technology landscape. I document them thoroughly, and stuff them away.


skmckinn said...

Re: technology landscape and you changing it:

*I* want that thing you described where I can create marginalia as I read online...and still have my notes when I'm logged in as a user...

And I think there should be some way to share "marked-up copies" of webpages--maybe a social networking format could work... so that you could see people's marginalia. Like a used book store, where some smart kid's copy of _Othello_ gives you ideas for your paper.

Digitizdat said...

There actually are some online versions of that tool, but you are required to keep your notes on their server, which would be OK sometimes, but not always, and that's why I didn't like it. I've not played w/it, but a Google search for "browser addon notes" brought up Diigo (, which looks very much like what I was describing. May be worth looking into.