Friday, February 12, 2010

Design Sense

This is going to seem like a silly detail, but I was just reading an article about a new program at Google that will pay anyone who finds a previously unknown security vulnerability in Chrome $500.

"The standard payment for eligible bugs will be $500, with a special — and comical — reward of $1337 for 'particularly severe or particularly clever' vulnerabilities."

Now there's the kicker. There's the trademark Google stamp of thoughtful, considered application of design in every little thing they do. See, 1337 is leet for "elite." Even in considering how much money to award people for finding bugs, the spirit of design has triumphed behind Google's doors.

I'm not a huge Google fan (Palm Pre rules!), but you have to admire their attention to culture.


skmckinn said...

Elegance, eclecticism, and irony.

The values of the postmodern era. (The first two act in opposition, and the third describes the pleasing tension inherent in just such a conflict.)

And Google gets it...

skmckinn said...

Oh--and on the subject of farming problems out to the general population (thought this time not for pay), have you seen

So cool.

Digitizdat said...

Foldit is brilliant. I've never actually tried it myself, but I have read about it, and it looks pretty fun. Exercise for your brain and scientific education - what's not to love?

Digitizdat said...

Also, your first comment... I think you've really nailed it.