Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ahh, that legendary pugnacity!

c.1200, Irisce, from stem of O.E. Iras "inhabitant of Ireland," from O.N. irar, ult. from O.Ir. Eriu (acc. Eirinn, Erinn) "Erin," which is from O.Celt. *Iveriu (acc. *Iverionem, abl. *Iverione), perhaps meaning "good land." Meaning "temper, passion" is 1834, Amer.Eng. (first attested in writings of Davy Crockett), from the legendary pugnacity of Irish people. Irish-American is from 1832; Irish coffee is from 1950. Wild Irish (1399) originally were those not under English rule; Black Irish in ref. to those of Mediterranean appearance is from 1888.

Aye, 'tis both a gift and a gallows.


skmckinn said...

the devil take the women (and the Irish, and 2X the Irish women), for they never can be easy.

Digitizdat said...

truer words were never spoken, or written, or drank to with much clapping. Whack-fo the daddy-o!