Friday, September 17, 2010


I've been up since about 9:30 yesterday working, and yesterday I woke up so late because I had been up until 4 that morning, and so it's been all week. I was just writing the description field for an RPM spec file and drifted off... I snapped to and found this dream-induced flotsam floating in the field:

"This is the base install for APM IEM port configuration. It is composed primarily of canisters of food. They contain living headlamps!"

I was dreaming that I was part of some peaceful, itinerant alien civilization.

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KateMadd/skmckinn said...

A living headlamp. A lantern fish in a small fish bowl on an elastic band.

Hey Digitizdat, did you play with Legos?
Did you ever learn something with Legos as a grown-up?