Tuesday, September 20, 2011

phone tones

This blog entry is written from my phone. The ever-increasing laziness or convenience-provided zeitgeist of modern technology is biting me. Hand grip on my shoulder, tearing the sinews like Beowulf on Grendel. I'm Grendel, that pathetic piece of fuck.

You can make music with your phone. This epiphany is probably an old dim incandescent gnat covered lemon to you, but to me it's an epiphany. I realized this while looking up my sister's number. Dial k-a-t-i-e... K-a-t-i-e... K-a-t-e-i... K-a-t-e-i... Repeat. # is the high note, 1 is the low. I've spent at least 30 minutes improvising on this tune.

I probably shouldn't be blogging from my phone, all formality kerplunked...
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