Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lindsey Vonn Tied for Overall Cup Lead

Lindsey Vonn (nee Kildow) is now tied for the overall World Cup title in alpine skiing. And at 24, she is just getting warmed up. She now shares the title for most downhill victories by an American with Picabo Street and Daron Rahlves. The last, and only, US female to win the overall title was Tamara McKinney in 1983.

Bode is also leading the overall World Cup title for the men. They say he's racing smarter this year, being patient in the slaloms, which paid off big in the combined compeititons, leading him to take the combined cup earlier this season. He's currently tied with Bennie Raich for sixth on the all time win list among men!

So both overall World Cup title leaders are Americans. Last time the season ended like that was in 1983 when Phil Mahre and Tamara McKinney both took the overall titles.

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