Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glitter and Doom Live

Did you know that Waits has released a live album from his Glitter and Doom tour? There's nothing from St. Louis on there - THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME CONCERT! - but Get Behind the Mule is on there, and the live version of that alone is worth the price of the album, I think.

Remember when we all sang Innocent When You Dream during the encore? That was awesome.


skmckinn said...

Maybe on disc two there'll be the story about the bottle of air he bought on ebay which contained...whose last breath did the bottle contain? Damn.

That was absolutely my favorite concert in the last 3 years. Maybe?...ever.

Yeah I remember singing along. I also remember crying during "Day After Tomorrow" and thinking, "I used to always skip this song...I must be an old woman."

No "Gun Street Girl." Phhhbt. That song got a lyric in my Lyrics I'm embroidering on Throw Pillows series: "staying out of circulation till the dogs get tired."

skmckinn said...

The version of "Falling Down" on this record makes me want to die. In a good way.