Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Black Swan

I really can't wait for this movie to come out, but here's the rub... Chances are it's not yet showing in your town, and it's definitely not in my town, BUT it was released in 8 American cities Dec. 3rd, and it WILL be released in two more cities on Dec. 10th... AND WE'RE ONE OF THEM! Oh yeah, the rub? Well, I'm leaving town on Saturday, but I think I might still be able to squeeze in a movie Friday night IF I can get tickets. It's only showing in one theater that I know of so far, and it's the rich people's theater. I mean it's in the rich mall w/the Saks Fifth Avenue and the Sur La Table, which, what a stupid name for a cookware store, and let me tell you they have a $300 omelette pan, but whatever, etc. (yawn).

I heard an interview with Darren Aronofsky on the radio last week and he said that while studying the story behind swan lake, it occurred to him that this is a story about a... wereswan! There! Excuse me? There swan, there castle. Why are you talking like that? I don't know I thought you wanted to. Suit yourself!

Can you tell I'm a little jacked up about this fil'm? I mean Requiem for a Dream is one of my favorite pictures of all time (yes, I've probably watched it a dozen times at least), and here comes this incredibly beautiful, dark, dramatic new work from Aronofsky that just happens to star the woman I'm going to someday marry, and then to top it all off they release these incredible promo posters.

Feast your famished eyes!


I know, I want them to be bigger images too, so they like completely envelope you, but this blog sucks, so deal w/it.


KateMadd/skmckinn said...

Just saw this yesterday. It was brilliant. Gorgeous. It does, like, twelve separately awesome narrative things in one narrative, and it fits like six genres. I should make a list:

1. It's an iteration of Swan Lake (which makes it folklore, with archetypes that work like folklore.)
2. It's a meta-story about a stage production in the proud company of _A Chorus Line_ and _A Midsummer Night's Dream_ and _Waiting for Guffman_ (meta-drama is more mode than genre, but still.)
3. It's horror. Obviously. Gothic.
4. It's a were-story.
5. It's a psychological thriller.

Digitizdat said...

I'm going to go see it again tomorrow. It's time, and it deserves a second viewing. Seriously, when the movie came to an end, I was sitting there, jaw utterly slackened, eyes practically falling out of my face. I mean jesus, did she just finish that piece w/a stab wound in the gut? It was good. I want to see it again.