Thursday, January 31, 2008

Andy Being Andy

I first saw this clip in a video about Andy Warhol my art teacher (the inimitable Mrs. Roselyn Leary) let me borrow in High School. I had forgotten about it until I was looking up Andy Warhol on Youtube... here it is:

Hehe. Uh, no. Uh, yes. One of the best interviews ever.

Also worth pointing out are these little Velvet pearls found...

Live footage of Venus in Furs being played in front of a group of now-famous, but nonetheless hilarious dancers. The guy w/the whip is Gerard Malanga, a regarded artist in his own right. Not sure about the dude w/the cigarette in his mouth doing what looks to be an early precedent of the Elaine Dance.

Nico and Lou performing Femme Fatale live!!! Nico is brunette in this footage, which was kind of a surprise for me. I think it suits her.

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