Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Macy's Credit Card Ripoff

Usually when you think about credit card schemes, you think about some pyramid of greedy dirt bags trying to rip off a credit card company. Well, in this case, the greedy dirt bag was the credit card company, and they have attempted to rip off me.

In December I stopped in at Macy's on the way home from work and bought a new bathrobe, some socks, and a pair of slippers. At the register, the lady offered me a 20% discount off the purchase if I sign up for a Macy's card. Also, I would get an additional 15% off later when the bill came. OK, sure I said, so I filled out the form, and got my instant 20%.

Early in January I received my bill, along with a Macy's branded Visa card. I got online and paid the bill on the 9th, in full. Here's where it gets stupid...

Yesterday I got a phone call from Macy's collection asking me to call them. OK... so I called. Well, it turns out my payment didn't go against the bill they sent me, but instead against the Macy's branded Visa they signed me up for, in addition to the Macy's card, apparently, which I still have not received. What what WHAT!?

I didn't sign up for two credit cards, I signed up for one, so how did I get two, and why haven't I received the real Macy's card, and why did they send my bill with the other card, and now I'm facing collections, even though I totally played by the rules and paid what I thought was my Macy's bill well ahead of schedule?

After speaking with Andrew in collections, it turns out there was a small check box somewhere on the application that I neglected to check. By not checking the box, I confirmed my desire for them to also sign me up for a Visa card, in addition to the store's own credit card. Uh huh.

So now I'm stuck with this credit card I don't want, because to cancel it will actually damage my credit.

To be honest, I remember reading that credit application very carefully. I always check what the little boxes say because they usually allow me to opt out of some mailing list or something, so I am always sure to check or not check them. This is bullshit.

I signed up for LifeLock yesterday, so next time someone tries to sign me up for a credit card, be it a criminal trying to steal my identity, or Macy's trying to skirt the corporate fraud laws, I will be called on my cell phone to see if I really want it.

I'll now attempt to contact someone in Macy's who can rectify this situation, and/or be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Missouri Attorney General's office. I would really like to see a photo copy of my credit card application, because frankly, I don't believe them that I didn't check some box.


aggie8586 said...

Wow. I thought this was only happening to me. My credit report just got hit with a negative entry from Macy's from activity eight months ago.

I thought I had just received the billing statement late or something. The first thing I knew I had a letter from collections. I'm only now realizing it was the dual accounts scenario you're describing.

Now, when I call Macy's, the automated system tells me I have one account closed (which I did at my request in June) and one still open.

So far, I've been given a polite run-around from the other departments I've spoken with. "I'll make a note in your file..." That kind of thing.

I guess I'll try to take it up with the attorney general as well. I'd love to know how your situation turns out! Thanks for the info.

Erika said...

I'm sorry that happened to you, how crazy! Wow, I guess this is just another reason to avoid those types of cards! The store employees use all sort of tactics to make the customer want to apply for their credit card, from crappy "free gifts" to special sales.

This is a good article about store credit cards

Canada said...

Here is what is really crazy. The reason for the two accounts is that Macy's does not accept its own Visa card. I asked if I could dump the store account and simply use the Macy's Visa card and they told me "The Macy's Visa Card is not accepted at Macy's". How crazy is that sh*t? They also told me: "We don't have to pay credit card fees on our own store account". THEN WHY DO THEY HAVE A VISA CARD???

Of course, they also said "it's the same as any other store card" and I responded that they were crazy. It's the only one like this I know of.

Kelly said...

I thought I was alone when my credit was jaded because of the 2 card Macy's scam! I was making payments regularly in the store on 1 card and ignoring the mail that came to my house. In the mean time the other card was 3 months behind. I never knew there were 2 cards!! Because they only sent me one!!

Dan_CA said...

Well im really sorry people had trouble, but i happen to love my macys visa, aside from having a second account(yes it is annoying) i get coupons all the time, and ive saved a lot of money. I also have a pretty decent rate. I know people were unaware of 2 accounts but c'mon dont people check their mail, im sure a bill was sent, cuz you have to opt out of paper statements online or by cust. service.

Digitizdat said...

Yeah, Dan, I did receive a bill, and I paid it promptly. Did you actually read the post?

"Early in January I received my bill, along with a Macy's branded Visa card. I got online and paid the bill on the 9th, in full. Here's where it gets stupid..."

Veronica said...

This happened to me as well! I'm so frustrated. They issue one card yet there are three different account numbers (try to keep track of that). So, I have my Visa account number, Macy's store account number and the furniture purchase account number and if I fail to put all the different suffix numbers on my payments, I'm hit with a late charge and on top of that they have increased my APR to 26% because I've been told I'm late. I'm not late!!!! I just utterly confused with three different account numbers for only one card I use! This is just so unfair. I'm paying this card off ASAP...I feel so cheated!

Rick Lee said...

Macys credit card scammed me too. I got a late fee before I ever received the card or a regular bill.

Rick Lee said...

Macys Credit Card scammed me too. I received a late fee before I ever received the credit card or a bill.

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