Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Concerning the Grasping and Releasing of Things

When I feel particularly ordered, I grasp and release things in a certain way, precisely, and completely, then I roll step from room to room, effecting a gliding motion, and bound up and down the stairs on the balls of my feet.

Drinking a glass of cold water is a special ritual in this mode, where every sip is a carefully measured action, tipping the glass to a locked angle, then back to level with the floor, the meniscus coming to rest perpendicular to my spine, and placing the pitcher back into the refrigerator is swift and mechanical, but the liquid moves only a minimal amount.

Sit, stand, roll step to the kitchen, switch the light on, perform the chore, switch the light off, walk back to the dining room table, place the glass neatly on the table, sit down with correct posture, take the pencil into my hand, and resume calculations.

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